Southern Sardinia and the Chia Bay: between geography and history...

Chia is located at the southernmost tip of Sardinia - a beach resort that is only a stone's throw from the municipality of Domus de Maria and 60 kilometres from Cagliari.

The colours of the sea of Chia range from emerald green to a deep blue surrounded by pure white beaches and rocky cliffs overlooking the sea.

Chia is one of the best known and most popular sea resorts on the gulf: it offers many beaches and coves that are rightfully considered among the loveliest on the southern coast. Chia is also famous for its dunes that are sculpted by the wind and dotted with fascinating juniper trees that are centuries old.

Aside from its beaches, the entire landscape is breathtaking: Fallow and red deer live in the Is Cannoneris forest along with wild boar. Lagoons and mountains often hide ancient nuraghe.

The areas of interest include: Cala del Morto, Campana, la Colonia, Il Porticciolo, Cardolinu, Su Giudeu, Cala Cipolla and Isula Manna.

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