The easternmost beach is the Su Carolinu which connects the land to the Bithia promontory where the ruins of an ancient Tophet that dates back to the Phoenician-Punic colonization period stands. Guests can walk there. The Porticciolo beach is located at the end of a paved road. Hotel Parco Torre Chia has furnished this small and lovely cove with all necessary equipment. The waters are peaceful and the sand is large grain. It is located at the foot of the renowned Chia Tower, one of the area's symbols. The view is truly breathtaking from the Tower's promontory. Looking towards the west, the coast is visible all the way to the su Giudeu beach, one of Chia's last beaches. On a clear day, even the Lighthouse at Capo Spartivento comes into view.

After a short walk along the path that rises on the left - towards the east - guests will reach the Bithia peninsula (also known as Isula Manna) and the small coves that connect to the coastline. Continuing further east, there is Cala de Sa Musica which can only be reached by sea. The Sa Colonia is located on the side facing west and the Stagno di Chia is at its back. The border of the Sa Colonia beach is delimited and the westernmost point of the hill is called "Monte Cogoni". Beyond this small mount, continuing westward, you will approach the splendid Cala del Morto with its fine, golden sand. This fabulous inlet is nestled among rocks of pink granite surrounded by juniper and mastic trees, rockrose bushes and Mediterranean pines that have been standing for centuries. This splendour can be reached by foot from the car park of the Porto Campana beach.

The Porto Campana Beach is very famous and its golden dunes are typical to the Chia Bay. At this point, the renowned Su Giudeu Beach is right in front of you. Also known as the S'Abba Durci beach, this splendour has been often been the set for films and television advertisements. Its name is derived from the small island that characterizes the panorama of this beach.

The Stagno di Spartivento stands behind it and is home to many species of local fauna including the queen of them all: magnificent pink flamingo. Lastly, we have the famous Cala Cipolla - one of the pearls that made this Chia Bay so famous. A small, beautiful bay with the finest sand, a turquoise sea and surrounded by pine and juniper trees.

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