A Phoenician and Roman city

The city of Nora was founded by the Phoenicians in the 8th century B.C.: is situated at the foot of a promontory, dominated by a 16th century Spanish tower in a most strategic point: two sheltered harbours for ships during storms. The city prospered for approximately 1500 years. It was colonized by the Phoenicians and domination of Carthage followed to later come under Roman control. The last inhabitants of the city were forced to abandon it due to continuous raids from Barbary corsairs from North Africa in the 8th century. Nora was an important commercial port of call at the centre of the courses connecting all the largest harbours of the Mediterranean. There are ruins dating back to the Punic period of entire districts, dwellings, sanctuaries - Temple to the goddess Tanit - and burial grounds which have been partially preserved.

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