The municipality of Pula is located in an excellent position along the south-western coast of the Golfo degli Angeli (Gulf of the Angels) in Sardinia. It is an important agricultural centre whose population doubles during the summer thanks to seaside tourism. Pula is also well known for the archaeological area of Nola.

Pula is a lively city that still maintains the typical architecture of the southern portion of the Campidano province. It is particularly renowned for its exquisite fruits, figs and Camone tomatoes. The district of Santa Margherita di Pula is just 7 km from Hotel Parco Torre Chia.

There is no doubt that the area of major interest is the Archaeological Park where important traces left behind by the Phoenician, Punic and Roman civilizations are still visible.

Pula is also home to the Giovanni Patroni Archaeological Museum, where the ruins collected in the Nora area are preserved.

The Romanesque Church of Saint Ephysius is of remarkable interest. A procession is held in early May in honour of this martyred saint that leads from the church of the same name in Stampace, to then return there for the rest of the year.

Other buildings of historical interest in the Pula area are Villa Santa Maria and the Coltellazzo Tower. There is also the Norace Museum along the road to Nora that hosts to exhibits: one is numismatic and the other mineralogical.

Among the events that can't be missed we would suggest the very heart-felt holiday in honour of Saint Ephysius that takes place the first week of May, the festival of Saint John the Baptist in late June and the holiday of Saint Isidore, the patron saint of farmers, in mid-August. Another event of great interest is the summer event "The Night of the Poets" which has been bringing Roman amphitheatre in Nora back to life since 1983 as a stage for poetry, art and the performing arts.

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